One may never withdraw from a task. One may always withdraw from impertinence.

The difficulties in bringing up children in every community, from family to the state, rather lie within the inferiority of the educators than with the human being to be educated.

I think that in no time before there was so much talk and writing about raising children as today - and so little nurturing.

Whose world lost sacredness by the death of beloved person, never had felt or sensed any god.

Despite of all richness of language, there is no means of expression for deep suffering.

Do not think in a feuilletonistic manner! You might leave it to the payed writers to make an article out of any sunbeam, any gulp of cider, any hurdy-gurdy.

Abundance of words frequently is a concomitant of injustice. Justice is monosyllabic.

To think things through to the end is not only a talent of the mind but also of constructive imagination.

A person is only important in that sense that he is important for others. For oneself himself nobody is important, not even the hermit.


Feelings shall not be sentimentality, work no hustle, conscientiousness no pedantry.